Kahmann Gallery met vestigingen in Amsterdam en Rotterdam opent in de Kerkstraat een tijdelijke gallery met opkomend talent Sara Punt.

Na de succesvolle presentatie van Sara Punt (1994) in Parijs en Amsterdam, hangt haar bijzondere fotografiecollectie nu in het kunstenaarsdorp Bergen.
Daar opent op 21 oktober de jaarlijkse Kunst10Daagse. Sara die recentelijk 28 jaar is geworden wordt gezien als een van Nederlands grootste talenten.
De gallery is dagelijks geopend.
About Sara Punt:
Sara Punt strongly believes that creativity lives in the spaces 
between your thoughts. Her work, characterised by strong black and white contrasts and bodies that take on abstract 
shapes, are the product of a personal research. A search that she carries out together with her models. 
The past two years Punt has focussed on how people look at themselves and at others. The current social norm is to always be sexually attractive. As a result, bodies are often overly 
sexualised. Punt opposes this norm. 
Abstraction is an important part of the goal Punt wants to achieve with her work: acceptance of the body. 
Every persongoes through something traumatic in their life, that affects the way they look at their own body or that of others. This can be the result of bullying, (sexual) abuse, 
injuries, upbringing, social media, or any other experience. 
Because Punt depicts the body in the way she does, turning it into an independent shape or work of art, she creates a certain distance between person and body. This process contributes to disconnecting the body from the ideas that have been 
projected onto it. By doing so, the body can be accepted and turned into the artwork it is.